Raccoons! They are super cute but I’m still scared! Haha!

By on August 30, 2017

Raccoons are hella cute but I heard they can be mean. Last night my daughter and I were in the driveway and saw a baby raccoon in the tree in our front yard then I saw another and then another. A total of 3 baby raccoons lookin all cute in the tree looking at us…then a real big one that was in back of the bushes emerges into our sites and starts approaching us and I just yelled THE MOM IS HERE!!! THE MOM IS HERE!!! Hahahha. And we ran into the garage and closed it with the quickness. Lol!! All I could think of was that scene in ELF!!!!! Lol.  I wasn’t able to take a photo.  The one below is something I found online.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any cute baby raccoons in a tree but you get the idea lol.  Do you have any raccoon stories?  Email me at freska@koit.com .  =) 


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