Survivor diary: 5 years ago I was “super fit” but had no idea I was “super sick”.

By 965koit on October 19, 2018

Jeez!  What a title!  I really am a firm believer that just because you look or appear healthy it doesn’t mean you are.  I am living proof.  When I was 39 I was working out 4-5 times a week and looked very fit.  I thought I was eating clean and had a great diet watching closely to what I ate.  I didn’t watch close enough and I didn’t understand how much emotional stress I was also putting on my body by just harboring so many emotions from years prior.  I am a former martial arts instructor and also taught cardio classes.  Fitness was a big deal and I just couldn’t believe it when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have since gone through treatment and recovery not only consists of changing my diet.  It also included strengthening my mental health by learning how to not be so stressed out.  I can tell you that a great thing I learned from the journey of once having cancer is that it does humble you.  I am grateful for the perspective that I now have on life.

Eat well, live well, take good care of your body and mind,



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Just because you look healthy it doesn’t mean you are. Here is a #tbt photo by @dannyleephotography and background photo by @tcox100 taken in 2012 a few month before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was working out 4-5 days a week and thought I was eating well. I was not eating well and had so much residual stress from LIFE. Part of my recovery included learning how to forgive people because those buried emotions will catch up usually in the form of illness. Thoughts and emotions become things and sometimes those things can be illness. Heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, cancer. Stress causes inflammation and inflammation causes disease. At one point, four years after treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation) I was still very fatigued. My cortisol levels were high and my adrenal glands were over worked. Thanks to @cnmhealth my naturopathic doctor she did a 6-7 page blood test. She looked at my body as a whole not just one organ at a time. She saw right away what I needed to do and healed me naturally. Also thank you to @rickramos34 my kali instructor who made this meme and surprised me with it today. Educate yourselves about wellness. If you need help I can assist with pointing you in the right direction. Just reach out. #cancersurvivor #wellness #naturawellness #healthylifestyle #breastcancerawareness #workingout #gymlife #chicsthatlift #healthy

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