The struggle is real with my long nails and trying to type or text.

By on March 3, 2020

If you have ever had long nails you already know the struggles of trying to do daily tasks. We kind of have to adapted our lives to the length of our nails.  I have had long nails before but there are often long stretches of time when I keep them very short.  Those times I decide to wear long nails again after not having them long for a few months or even years I have to relearn how do those daily tasks because I’m afraid of breaking them or have to adjust my hand or finger placement for typing or texting.   I get frustrated sometimes but then I look at my nails and think, “Wow, these are so cute.” lol  This length is probably the longest I will have them.  After that I can’t really do things well.  I’m getting used to typing again lol.  I love my nails though.  Where do you get yours done?  How much do you usually pay for them?  My ombre nails cost me $65 and Southland nails in Pacifica.  I go to Cindy.  She does GREAT work.  My nails never break when she does my nails.  If you want to be featured in my next blog about your pretty nails and where you get them done and who your nail tech is please email me at   I want to cover the Bay and see where the best nail techs are!!  Thanks!!


I wanted to post this video too.  I know, it isn’t something very practical but she is happy with her nails.  I personally couldn’t have them that long.  She uses chopsticks or a pencil to type. WOW.

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