These Christmas sweaters are far from ugly

By on December 13, 2019

I know that many families and companies host ugly Christmas sweater parties and you can actually buy them on Amazon or other sites!  I actually really love these Christmas sweaters .  They were actually being warn in action down Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park!  There was a group of women walking down the street each wearing some really cool Christmas sweaters that were far from the ugly Christmas sweater category.  These are actually really cute.  I hope I didn’t seem like a stalker stopping them and asking them if I could take a photo of their sweaters. They were all so very nice and agreed to let me take the pictures of their awesome sweaters.  I asked them where I could get them!

This super cute DJ Penguin was found at TJ Maxx!

This awesome elf type sweater was purchased at Kohl’s.

This one is a one of a kind because her grandmother MADE it!  She said her grandmother  crocheted and also had a machine that could embroider!  How amazing!

I hope to purchase a cute Christmas sweater before Christmas arrives!

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