I think I saw a ghost when I got home from KOIT last night.

By on July 25, 2018

I posted this on my personal FACEBOOK PAGE:


FOLLOW ME BECAUSE THIS GETS WEIRD: I think I saw just saw a ghost. I was just getting home and I saw lady on the sidewalk. I parked across the street perpendicular to where she was standing which gave me clear sight of her. As I was parking I saw the lady walk down the street on the sidewalk she was on. I got out of my car with my dog and walked toward the house and she was suddenly standing about 15 feet from me on MY side of the street at the closest corner from my car. We made eye contact and she looked creepy as hell. I proceeded to get on the sidewalk I originally saw her on. I didn’t want to go into the house because I figured she was weird and was watching me so I walked my dog down the street about 20 steps and when I walked back up she was gone.

About 30 minutes later my boyfriend is about to do the laundry and then the dryer turns on by itself … WHAT THE???????? and then it shuts off by itself too….

I swear it was that lady…

I don’t like scary movies and I don’t like seeing this kind of stuff.  I may be blowing this out of proportion but tonight I the lights will be on all night!!


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