This Bay Area city is one of the foggiest places in the world!

By on July 10, 2019

I have lived in Daly City pretty much all my life and when I heard that there was a list of the 10 most foggiest places in the world I had to check it out.  I would have guessed that Daly City or Pacifica would have made this list but it was no where to be found.  I have done pretty good travelling around mother earth but I try to avoid foggy or cold places since I live in it pretty much all year round lol!  I have been to London but even Karl the Fog beat out the London Fog, at least when I was there.  Oh by the way Karl the Fog even has “his” own Instagram account! 

By definition, very simply, fog is a low lying cloud that produces water droplets and reduces visibility.  

There is A LOT of that going on in Daly City.  The picture above was taken during this summer at the intersection of Gellert and Hickey right off the Hickey exit in Daly City.  It is like that all year long pretty much.

While Daly City and Pacifica were top contenders, at least to me,  San Francisco made to #7 on the World Atlas list of top 10 Foggiest Places On Earth.  Click here for the full article and to see where the other foggy places are in the world. 


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