TRAFFIC: What you need to know about getting to get to the CHASE CENTER

By on September 5, 2019

I would say DO NOT DRIVE TO THE CHASE CENTER!!!  It’s no secret that we are all wondering the best ways to get to the Chase Center other than driving.  I wanted a visual of the Chase Center in relevance to where the freeways are, train station, BART and transit stops are.

While I was looking at the map I just kept thinking, “WHERE ARE PEOPLE GOING TO PARK??”  In an article I read it mentioned that all of the 900 parking spaces of the garage attached to the Chase Center will not be for public use.  I didn’t get an exact number of how many actually are but considering the Chase Center can hold 18,000 people the public will need as many parking spaces they can get.  Also, the UCSF parking structure will be off limits. So, again, “WHERE ARE PEOPLE GOING TO PARK??”

Some people are thinking, “Ok, I won’t drive.  I will just UBER or LYFT with friends.”  While that may be better than trying to find parking all of the ride share vehicles and taxis will be causing congestion too and if you have ever tried getting in and out of that area during a Giants game you already know how frustrating it is.

Keep in mind that the Third Street bridge, also known as the “Lefty O’Doul Bridge,” remains temporarily closed to pedestrians due to a restoration project.

All tickets for events at the Chase Center also serve as a MUNI pass good for the whole day.  That is one way the city and and the SFMTA is trying to encourage event goers to use public transit but another question is can MUNI handle the potentially sold out events of 18,000 people getting in and out of the area?  We will soon find out since tomorrow is the first event at the Chase Center.  Metallica will be performing with the San Francisco Symphony.

The best MUNI line to take is the T-Third Street line, which can be found at any underground Muni station, at any stop along the Embarcadero, or at any stop on Third Street. The T-Third line will drop you off at a newly expanded stop right in front of Chase Center.  Riders say that the T-Third Street line is already congested and that’s just for Giants games.  Imagine when there is an event at The Chase AND Oracle Park?

The best MUNI buses to take are the  78X 16th Street Arena Express and the 79X Van Ness Arena Express.

If you’re taking Caltrain the Chase Center is a short walk or ride on MUNI T Third Line from the San Francisco Caltrain Station at 4th and King streets.

If you want to bike there the Chase Center has 300 valet parking spaces.  You can lock your bikes at any of 58 racks and 100 temporary corrals at Chase Center Plaza and Terry A. Francois Boulevard.

Here is a link to a great article in even greater detail that outlines EVERYTHING from BART to CalTrain, buses, MUNI and where the ride share drop offs are at the Chase Center.  

If you have a negative experience with traffic and transit The Chase Center and The Warriors set up the following contact information:

  1. Neighborhood hotline: 415-496-0820
  2. Neighborhood email:

While tomorrow is the actual day of the first event at the Chase Center, when event goers will experience this anticipated traffic fiasco in real time, I am already getting anxious!  I will say this now, “Thank you to all of our public transit drivers and operators because tomorrow will be a hectic day for them and everyone else.  DO NOT DRIVE THERE IF YOU DON’T HAVE TOO.  Let’s hope for the best.  Allow plenty of time to get there and have fun!!’



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