WOW! I couldn’t believe a tree could hold that much pollen!

By on July 23, 2019
Sanbu-sugiSanbu-sugi Cedar

I suffer bad from seasonal allergies and hay fever.  Allergies make me cough, give me itchy and watery eyes and an itchy throat too!  I can also have sneezing fits and I am thankful my rider rating on UBER didn’t go down after I had sneezed at least 20-25 times on my 6 minutes ride home from the airport recently.  When I saw the video below I almost couldn’t believe it!   I had to ask if that was actually pollen falling out of the tree as it fell to the ground.  The overwhelming answer was YES it is pollen.  I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if I was near by when all that pollen went spewing into the air!!

Don’t get me wrong!  I do appreciate nature and the amazing things that happen in the spring and summer so we can have beautiful flowers and trees and OXYGEN.  I just wish I wasn’t so allergic to the pollen. I had never seen anything like this video.  Have you?

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