A young couple paid off their $124,000 debt in 3 years! Here’s how!

By on August 2, 2018

Many Americans, especially in the Bay Area, are living with massive amounts of debt with no idea on how to pay it down.  On top of that, some of that debt has compounding interest through the roof.  So what do you do?  After Christopher Espinosa and now wife Morgan Espinosa graduated from college they found themselves in loads of debt consisting of student loans, car loans and credit cards.  They managed to live frugally and save $3500 a month while each making around $28,000 a year plus working part time jobs.  Granted they don’t live in the Bay Area where the standard of living is ridiculously high it is an inspirational story.


Find out how this young couple paid down their $124,000 debt in 3 years! 

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