Did you know that Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer’s and dementia

By on June 15, 2019
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I came across this amazing article regarding Alzheimer’s and music.  I am particular interested in this because my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s 19 years ago.  I have gone to her nursing home to play her music that she used to listen to all the time in hopes that she would be able to recall some wonderful memories.  While my mother is now non-verbal it is comforting to know that his music “therapy” is having an impact on her!  I love you MOM!!!


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My mother is THE TOUGHEST woman I know. She was diagnosed with #AlzheimersDisease 18 years ago. When she could still speak she told me that sometimes she was scared. She tries to remember but it is just hard sometimes. She would cry out of nowhere. One night I woke up to her crying so nervously. I held her like she was my child and comforted her so she can go back to sleep. Thankfully she is still here with us. She stares into blank space most often. She doesn’t smile much either and doesn’t speak much at all but I love to hold her this way and give her kisses and tell her I am thankful, sorry for being such a pain growing up and that I love her even after the end of time. If anyone of you are having difficulty emotionally caring for an aging parent, reach out to me. I will share with you what I learned over time, how to deal or cope and keep moving forward with love in your heart no matter how hard it gets. I LOVE YOU MOM. #love #alzheimers #caregiver #dementia #geriatrics #patience #family

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