Senior man in the MRI scanner alone.

I freaked out in the MRI machine last night. It was scary and funny all at the same time!

Last night I had my first MRI and I didn’t know I was claustrophobic! Lol!! Wow. All kinds of things were running through my mind and we didn’t even start yet and I told the tech I couldn’t do it.  My heart was racing and I got some bad anxiety!!  My tech was really patient because she had already rolled me in head first and I got the feeling like I was trapped!  It was the weirdest feeling I ever had.  It psyched me out and she had to take me out and re-positioned me feet first and my room orientation was different and it felt better.  It kinda felt like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill except I couldn’t move or we would have to start all over AND in the movie there was more space in her little wooden coffin than this machine lol!!!  I posted an update on my Facebook and so many other people felt the same way!!

If you are going to have an MRI ask ahead of time if their facility plays music for the patients because for some people it makes a difference.  I HAD ZERO MUSIC LOL!   Some facilities will also allow someone to be in the room with you!  If you already know you may be uncomfortable some people are prescribed a sedative.   I was all by myself for the first time AND had pretty high anxiety I know it would have helped me if I had a sedative, music and someone there with me.  I got through it though!  There are a few different kinds of machines too, wide bore, open, and a stand up machine too.

Here are some of the comments from my friends, family and listeners:

Gabriela : Yikes. I close my eyes before going in there and keep them closed until I’m out. Did you have headphones on to listen to music?

Beverly:   I got one last year and came to the conclusion that I’d like to be cremated and turned into a couple diamonds. One for each daughter. Or maybe a tree. But def don’t want to be buried!

Ronnamarie:   Yes I didn’t realize it either and it was an open mri. I need meds to calm me down.

Lorelei:   They didn’t give you a relaxer? The first time i was in there, i didn’t know what to expect. No relaxer. My eyes were closed going in. But i opened my eyes for a bit and there was a mask on my face, like the goalie hockey mask. I kinda panicked and closed my eyes again and prayed. 2nd time i took the relaxer and i think i kinda fell asleep. Being in there for 30 mins. Head first, was a very long 30mins. I was in there cuz of the strokes i had.

Darren:  I freaked out the first time for the same reason. Soooo horrible! I rescheduled. I had to take the sedative AND my wife sat in the room holding my leg when I was in there. Yep, big baby right here.

Pamela:  They have a Stand-Up MRI on Bascom Avenue right across from Valley Med and that one seems so much easier… it’s not enclosed at all


My imagination ran pretty far and pretty fast! lol.  My heart was beating crazily.  It doesn’t happen to everybody but it can so just be prepared so you don’t have to reschedule and you can exhaust all options before having to say no.  For some “UNICORNS” lol MRI’s are no problem at all!

Here are a few videos.  The last one is of the scene in Kill Bill that got my mind racing lin that machine lol!


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