Joey Fortman Bio

Living in sunny San Francisco has been the biggest gift my family could have ever been given. I can’t pretend that I grew up in the Bay Area. However, considering there are so many of us who moved into this magical place – I know I’m not alone in saying I’m living the dream. Everyday I wake up and have coffee on my deck in the strawberry neighborhood of Mill Valley while overlooking Richardson Bay. I watch with deep admiration when the seaplane in my view takes off all day long only to be reminded of the gratitude I have for being apart of Bay Area.

I am a mom of two hard core sports fans and a wife to the leader of the team. Coach Matt, my husband and my two sons – Boston (12) and Hudson (7) are lovers of Marin baseball and the talented Tiburon Little League. I didn’t grow up in a sports family but I can assure you I’m the first one to hop in my chair to watch my boys and their passion for baseball! My favorite part? No one is bugging me for a snack! If you’re a mom, let’s face it – how many times a day do your kids raid the fridge or beg for snacks?

As most moms do – I talk about my kids a lot. I don’t define myself by motherhood but I sure know how to laugh at it! In 2016 I founded an amazing community of women wanting to pull back the internet filter on parenting called Reality Moms. We affectionately call it Motherhood Unleashed: The good, the bad and the funny! As a work from home mom, I knew that women needed a place to not feel pressure to live a glossy life online with fancy vacations and staged family photos. A place where women can truly feel like they aren’t alone in their struggles. From mental health to homework, we tackle the realities of motherhood, one #RealMomProblem at a time. Add in some ridiculously funny videos, memes and other silliness you’ll find we don’t take mom life too seriously. Life is too short to be serious all the time!

I am a huge advocate for maternal mental health after my own real life postpartum depression. I rally hard for women and children in everything I do. If motherhood takes a village, consider me the shoe cobbler in yours. I’ll never be able to walk a mile in your shoes but I will forever be that mom friend to help fix your favorite pair when they break. If you ever have a toy question – I bet I have the answer! I’m considered a Travel, Tech and Toy Expert and I’ve been lucky enough to be on the Today Show, all the Dr Shows: The Doctors, Dr. Oz & Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, The Talk and more. I’ve written lifestyle articles in Redbook, More Magazine and many other publications sharing my parenting problems and fails. I’m not afraid to admit motherhood is the best job in the world – even if it doesn’t pay a thing. Hip Hop dance classes and laughing hysterically scrolling through TikTok is what I do when I’m not keeping my family alive.

I’m a social butterfly – through my fingers! I’d love to see your life come alive on Instagram. Let’s be Facebook friends too!

Being apart of the KOIT family has been such a gift to mine. I’m grateful to you for not only loving 96.5 KOIT but allowing my voice to be heard too.

Drop me a line to say hello and share your funny parenting wins and fails!