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Living in sunny San Francisco has been the biggest gift my family could have ever been given. I can’t pretend that I grew up in the Bay Area. However, considering there are so many of us who moved into this magical place - I know I’m not alone in saying I’m living the dream. Everyday I wake up and have coffee on my deck in the strawberry neighborhood of Mill Valley while overlooking Richardson Bay. I watch with deep admiration when the seaplane in my view takes off all day long only to be reminded of the gratitude I have for being apart of Bay Area. (Read More)

Joey Fortman’s Psychedelic Summer Poofy Parfait

Psychedelic Summer Poofy Parfait Every summer there comes at least one time or another when I get to make my favorite tasty dessert.  It has to really fit the occasion-cause it’s not really a dessert that...

Will Baseball be Back in the Bay Area?

When will baseball be back in the Bay Area I know! I know!! I can assure you I’m the most sad mom on the planet knowing Little League in Marin has been cancelled. We only got one game in before the pandemic kicked...

Quarantine Quarters: Partners and Kids Be Gone

I know. It can always be worse. However, let’s all admit it – this is brutal! Who knew we’d all be in the same quarters as every human in our household for two months? I know I didn’t. I worked...

Hacks to Keep Food Longer and Grocery Visits Less

There is nothing more annoying than when my bananas go bad before my kids get ahold of them. Or the berries. The worst! Sure we can go to the grocery store more or buy canned and frozen foods more. However, that just...

What to do in your Spring Cleaning Schedule

I would go on a limb and guess that you are way ahead of the game and already attacked your spring cleaning. However, I’m a lifelong procrastinator. (I tell my family prognosticator. HA! I can see the future way...

Feel Good Live: Online Coaching with Christie McCoy

During this shelter in place my daughter has been to continue her private softball lessons with Coach Christie McCoy of Premiere Softball Academy Belmont.  In this episode of Feel Good Live Joey and I catch up with...

5 AWESOME things to do This Week in the Bay Area

Hey KOIT! After these weeks of sheltering-in-place and focus on getting the family adjusted, now it’s time to take care of my needs so I can be a parent, partner and support to others. For me, I’m itching to...

50 Fun Things to do During a Pandemic

Hey friends, Now that I got your attention with Jelly Beans – let’s get ready for Easter weekend! Really? You’re out of ideas ALREADY? lol Listen, I’m a mom. #WeGotThisBayArea! Complete a puzzle...

5 AWESOME Ideas to Feel Good This Weekend

Hey 96.5 KOIT friends! When I loved to the Bay Area a couple years ago I got the opportunity to get to know Ronnie from Ronnie’s Awesome List. She is a true Bay Area celebrity because of all the parental sanity...

Struggling With Juggling The Unkown?

Struggling with juggling the unknown and being home with kids? Joey Fortman in the morning wants to help you feel good with some good news! Watch the video below! 


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