Will Baseball be Back in the Bay Area?

By Joey Fortman on May 18, 2020

When will baseball be back in the Bay Area

I know! I know!! I can assure you I’m the most sad mom on the planet knowing Little League in Marin has been cancelled. We only got one game in before the pandemic kicked in. Never in a million years did I think that I would miss running humans to 40 practices, fighting dinners & homework at night… but I really do. It’s like a rite of passage for any sports mom. Little League is such a special time for these boys. (I was a band and theater geek so I was never exposed to sports to realize how amazing it is for kids!)

With that being said – is Major League Baseball returning at all? We’re getting closer to the possibilities! The MLB put out some new rules to protect the spread of Covid-19 and their one step closer to calling a game. What are some of the new rules? No high-fives, fist bumps or hugs. No spitting, tobacco use or chomping on sunflower seeds. (MAKE THAT A LITTLE LEAGUE RULE, WOULD YA?! Seriously. The amount of seeds I find in pants pockets…)  The MLB is also planning to process around 10,000 coronavirus tests per weeks! Fielders will also be encouraged to retreat several steps from the base runners during the game too.

**UPDATE:  The Gov’ner said that professional sports can return to California in June!

What do you miss the most about Bay Area Sports?