Karina Weekends

Hey there! I’m Karina. I’m from a tiny Texas town, but I got to the Bay as fast as I could! I love spending my free time binge watching shows on Netflix while cuddling my four-year-old cat, Kiwi. Exploring the Bay is a huge hobby of mine as well. You will usually find me hiking up Mt. Tam, seeing a concert at Shoreline Amphitheater, or eating the best tacos in the Bay at El Taquito in Hayward. I’m always on the hunt for new places to hang out and explore so if you know any cool places, let me know! Music always soothes the soul and the genres that do that for me include: pop, rock, country, and alternative.

Free doughnuts on Halloween

Wearing a costume to work on Halloween? Great! You should make a stop at Krispy Kreme donuts on your way in to the office because they will be giving out free donuts to anyone wearing a costume that day. It’s like...

Ellen has a great message for us all

Ellen DeGeneres is a household name at this point. She’s a great comedian with her own day time show that ends each day with the message “be kind to one another.” Some may think as a celebrity she may...

The Bay’s most popular Halloween candies

We’re a month away from my favorite holiday, Halloween! Which means lots of candy and spooky talk. Of course a study was done to find out the nation’s most popular Halloween candy by state...

Mattel announces gender neutral dolls

Mattel has released a gender neutral doll. They can be styled as either boy, girl or gender neutral. The company released six dolls with different skin tones, hair and clothes, calling the doll line Creatable World...

J.Lo & Shakira performing halftime

Football season just started and I definitely haven’t thought about the Big Game yet. It seems a little early to be announcing headliners already, but both J.Lo and Shakira seem to have announced that they are co...

Google pays tribute to “Friends”

It’s officially the 25th anniversary of NBC’s “Friends.” Can you believe that? It definitely doesn’t feel that way. Well Google decided to pay tribute to one of America’s favorite TV...

Best days to book holiday travel

The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re like me and happen to be a transplant in the Bay Area, you’re probably looking for money to try and fly home for the holidays. You probably also know those...

Which candy would you banish forever?

With Halloween just around the corner, we all had those candies that we would immediately give to our parents because we didn’t like them. Well here’s a tough decision for you, what candy would you banish...

The best Halloween candy

When I was kid, I always knew which houses had the good candy on Halloween. Those were the houses I wanted to visit first because they might run out! What defined the “good candy” though? For me, it was the...

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