Turkey Found Wandering Into Traffic Available For Adoption

By Hope Bidegainberry on October 27, 2017

A turkey found wandering into traffic in Pacifica is available for adoption at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA).  The female bird, named Grace by PHS/SPCA staff, was walking into traffic on September 9 when a concerned resident decided to intervene to save her life.  Grace was safely corralled into a garage and PHS/SPCA Animal Rescue and Control arrived to transport the bird to its shelter.

“Grace is a domesticated turkey and is highly accustomed to humans,” said PHS/SPCA’s Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox.  “She was possibly someone’s pet, but no one has come forward to claim her.  We are offering her for adoption to someone who will value her as a pet, not as an item for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Turkeys are known to be very intelligent and loyal.  Keeping a turkey as a pet will require an outdoor enclosed structure similar to a chicken coop, only larger.  This will help protect the turkey from predators.  They will eat vegetables, fruits and love to snack on insects.  Their main diet should be turkey mash and poultry pellets, easily found at stores that sell poultry supplies.

“Grace is very friendly and would make a good pet for the right person,” according to Tarbox.  “She doesn’t gobble, instead she makes a very cute clucking sound.”

For adopters interested in meeting Grace, please call 650-340-7022.  Her adoption fee is $20.  She will only be adopted to someone committed to keeping her as a pet.


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