Screech Owl Stuck Behind Car Dashboard

By 965koit on September 19, 2017

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA) managed to save the life of another animal thanks to a portable inspection camera and a handy set of tools. 

On September 17, a woman called PHS/SPCA to report an owl was trapped in her vehicle.  PHS/SPCA rescue staff responded quickly to the scene in San Carlos to find an owl had somehow wedged himself behind the dashboard of the woman’s sport utility vehicle.  The staff could hear the owl scratching, but couldn’t see him.  They used a portable inspection camera to snake behind the dashboard and spotted the owl.

“Once the position of the owl was detected by our camera, our rescue staff was tasked with having to dismantle the glove compartment box to reach the owl,” said PHS/SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin-Tarbox.  “The owl was trapped behind the dashboard, but our staff was able to safely remove him.”

Once safely out of the inner workings of the vehicle, PHS/SPCA staff transported the owl to the PHS/SPCA Wildlife Care Center in Burlingame for evaluation.  The owl was identified as a Western Screech Owl, native to the Peninsula.

“As you can imagine, he was more than a little peeved to be stuck in his situation, but health wise he doesn’t seem any worse for wear despite his predicament,” according to Tarbox.

The owl will continue to be monitored by PHS/SPCA wildlife staff and once medically cleared will be returned to the wild.