My Salute To Prom At Home

By on April 26, 2020

The prom must go on!

I have such fond memories of my high school prom and for the kids today that have to bravely accept the prom not happening for them as we know it, I salute them! I thought the “Prom At Home” event was an amazing idea. Having would-be prom goers get all dressed up anyway and take selfies to then hashtag “promathome” to represent their school and shout-out from music superstars and DJ’s performing for the event. So in that spirit, I dare share my own prom photo from a few decades ago! Not a professional prom photo but it’s me getting ready to go. And to all the high-schoolers bravely dealing with the Shelter-In-Place, I totally salute you! Your are awesome! We will get through this…together! Check out some of the highlights, Click Here. 

And now for my own throwback #promathome photo, how ya like that hair, right? Let me just tell ya – I had all the ladies in the 80’s with that crop! My mom, My aunties, my grandma – I had to beat ’em off me! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

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