How Did You Customize Your Wedding Day?

To earn a little extra money on the side, I’ll DJ an occasional wedding or two on my days off. A lot of people choose to be married in the Spring and the Fall and now that September is here, it’s my wedding...

Great, now I’m crying

The day that I had Lilly, I’ve looked at mothers in a different way. Motherhood is such n consuming job and I’ve finding it so tough to not only be a mother, but a good employee, and work on myself too. It...

Star Wars Virtual Reality Was Amazing!

If you have ever tried virtual reality, then you know that it’s normally pretty bad. You never really feel like you are actually in another reality, right? That’s what we were expecting when we tried out a...

I found Supermom

After my maternity leave, Nick and I had to face a hard fact. Full-time childcare is expensive. We knew it would be, but we were still unprepared for it. We had to hire a private nanny, because we needed somone at 4 am...

Baby not sleeping? Here’s why

As a new mom, there is a lot that I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know if I know anything when it comes to my baby. The one thing I do know is that I want her to sleep. For her sake and for mine. That’s...

I Got Jalapeño Burn!

Saturday morning went from being just another normal morning to a life lesson about jalapeños. I was today years old when I discovered something called Jalapeño burn. I’ve been an adult for at least 10 years now...

BACK PAIN: Getting my spine stretched at therapy.

I got the results from the MRI I took a few weeks ago. You know, the one I freaked out at lol?  So in another blog I explained that I have 2 herniated discs.  I have started spinal decompression treatment and so far so...

Bay Area girls need your help

It’s no secret that I’m a huge supporter of anything that helps young girls succeed in life. That’s why I’m so glad that I found the Scientific Adventures for Girls (SAfG) They are a nonprofit...

“Cobra Kai” FREE On Youtube For A Limited Time

The show that all my friends have been talking about “Cobra Kai” is now FREE. Cobra Kai picks up where The Karate Kid left off with Daniel (Ralph Maccio) and his rival Johnny (William Zabka). Since I refuse...

Which Anniversary Is The Most Important One?

Kristen and I have been married for almost 4 years but we have been a couple for 10. Our 4th wedding anniversary is on September 19th and we usually celebrate by buying gifts that fit that years tradition. For example...

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