Google “Thanos” For a Surprise! *NOT A Spoiler*

And by surprise, I don’t mean spoilers to the movie. I would never do that to you. Google the name “Thanos” and then click the Infinity Gauntlet. Check this out If you google ‘thanos’ and press the...

Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Coming To Oakland!

There isn’t a kid out there that grew up in the late 80’s/early 90’s that didn’t want to be on the show Double Dare. Double Dare was the most awesome Nickelodeon show to ever be invented and we...

Are We Bad Parents?

Are we bad for letting Baby Lilly watch TV? Around once a day, I put Lilly in this little activity seat and let her watch TV while I give my arms a rest. She normally lasts about 20 minutes until she gets bored and we...

Make $10,000 Traveling & Naming New Colors

Behr, the paint company, wants to send one person all over the US and Canada to find inspiration. They have some new paint colors coming out soon and they don’t have any names for them. They want you to be their...

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

This Friday, Baby Lilly turns 5-months old. It’s a huge milestone for her because, as a premie, she is doing amazing and really thriving. She is gaining weight, growing like a weed, and smiling a ton! We’re...

Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Event Has Started

Do you have your child’s old car seat taking up room in your garage? Target is now hosting their car seat trade-in event until May 4th. That means you can bring in your old car seat to any participating Target...

East Bay 5th Grader Is Saving The Planet!

A 5th grader in Lafayette has decided he wants to save the world one fork at a time. The funny thing is that he might actually do it! His name is Julian and he noticed something one day while he was at school. The...

People Are Faking Their Vacations For Instagram

Please tell me this is fake? Have we really reached this point in our society that someone will pay to make it LOOK like they went on vacation to somewhere cool? I sure hope not. There is a website that will take the...

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