Alameda Sidewalks Filled With Chalk And Positive Messages

By 965koit on August 21, 2018

If you find yourself walking around Alameda today be sure to look down. A mysterious resident has written special positive messages in chalk on the sidewalks all around town. In the last 5 days over 60 messages have appeared around Alameda and Bay Farm Island written in white chalk and left unsigned by the creator.

Some of the messages are things like “Your mom loves you, everything is going to be awesome” & “Give more love today than you did yesterday. It matters”

The writer is a mystery in the town but we know that it’s a woman who would like to be known as Carry Chalk because that’s what she wants you to do. She encourages you to take a piece of chalk and write positive messages in your neighborhood and spread the love around. There have been several messages left near schools with encouraging words for the kids going back to school. Like this one:

“You’re going to have the best year. Plus, you get knew crayons.” 

We applaud this person for spreading the message of love around her town and we hope that it helps people have a better day.


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