Coastal Clean Up Day In The Bay

By 965koit on September 17, 2018

Saturday was Coastal Clean up day and thousands of people volunteered to pick up all the trash they saw stretched along the beaches around the bay area. They made sure to grab everything from straws to couches. Thank you to everyone that went out and volunteered and helped to make the beaches safer and cleaner. Now what?

The non profit Surfrider Foundation is planning on taking the trash and sorting through it to see what the main causes of the trash are. They are calling it a Brand Audit. They are going to see what companies are the most dominant and see if they are local or over seas. Once they gather that data they can see where changes can be made and hopefully that will lead to less pollution in the oceans.

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful clean beaches around the bay and don’t forget to clean up after yourself so that we can enjoy them all year long.


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