Company Now Offering FUR-ternity Leave To Employees

By 965koit on August 24, 2018

When you have a baby at work you usually get maternity leave from you job so that you can spend those crucial first weeks with your newborn. Now that same mind set applies to brand new puppies or kittens that you add to your family. A company in Minnesota has just started offering their employees something called Fur-ternity leave. Each employee that gets a new puppy or kitty will be able to take a week and work more flexible hours from home as their new pet gets acclimated.

The companies goal is to make it’s employees less stressed during important times in their lives. Having a new pet is stressful because they are stressed about their new home and they may not know where to use the bathroom or what not to chew.

So if I buy a new kitten every week can I just work from home forever? After about 50 I may need to rethink my strategy but it would be pretty awesome until then. As a thank you for clicking this and reading my story I offer you many puppy and kitten pictures.


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