Alison Roman, Slice of New York Pizza

Alison Roman is everywhere these days. She’s been zipping around the world promoting her new, New York Times best selling cookbook, Nothing Fancy, never without her signature orange-red lips and matching nail polish. Opinionated and sassy, with a penchant for lemons and anchovies and a fuss-free approach to cooking, the Internet goes absolutely wild for a Roman recipe. Honestly. Just Google ‘The Cookie’ or ‘The Stew.’ I’ll wait.

And how many times have you heard someone say, “It’s the water!” while trying to justify why pizza and bagels are only at their peak deliciousness within the boundaries of New York City? Well, turns out this is not an urban legend. Paul Errigo owns New York Watermaker, a company that can convert any tap water in the world into New York City tap water. He did it for Tony D’Aiuto, a New York City restaurateur who struggled to produce high quality pies when he tried to open a pizzeria in Los Angeles. Pizzerias, bagel shops and bakeries in 30 American cities are using this technology. It. Is. Fascinating.

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Published: Thursday December 05, 2019
Runtime: 00:27:29