Boots Riley, All-You-Can-Eat Unagi Buffet

Boots Riley is a musician, writer, filmmaker, and activist. He’s fronted the political hip hop group The Coup since 1991 (a favorite of Rachel’s in her 20s), is the vocalist for Street Sweeper Social Club with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, and just wrote/directed his first feature film “Sorry to Bother You” which has been receiving rave reviews at festivals and hits theaters nationwide on July 6.

But what about the food?? Don’t worry. We’ve literally got as much as you can possibly fit in your face hole… That’s right! On this episode we celebrate the “all you can eat” buffet – from its humble Scandinavian origins to the gluttonous Las Vegas sized American adaptation we know today.

And Taichi Kitamura, chef/owner of Sushi Kappo Tamura – one of Seattle best sushi restaurants, gives us the REAL story behind unagi, Japanese barbecued eel, and tells us why he purposely doesn’t serve the dish in his restaurant.

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Published: Tuesday June 19, 2018
Runtime: 00:34:02