Christina Tosi: Never Ending Desserts Instead of Dinner

Milk Bar founder, chef and CEO Christina Tosi loves dessert so much, she would happily give up savory foods for three square meals a day of cookies and milk and ice cream. We talk about the special cake her husband designed for their wedding (that he made her promise to never make for anyone else), the career she almost chose instead of baking and the wacky flavor creations her colleagues won’t let her put on the menu.

Christina is known for flipping childhood classics and suburban grocery store staples on their heads, and spinning them into fantastical, crave-worthy cakes and cookies. Her three-tiered, rainbow sprinkle flecked, naked birthday cakes are one of Milk Bar’s signature desserts.

So we investigate the history of the birthday cake (why is it ubiquitous to celebrate with cake?) and birthday candles with Alysa Levene, author of Cake: A Slice of History and Anne Byrn, author of 15 books including her newest, A New Take On Cake.

Christina has a new children’s book out called Every Cake Has A Story.

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Published: Thursday November 11, 2021
Runtime: 00:30:47