Christopher Kimball, Apple Pie

The chef in the bow tie, Christopher Kimball, is the founder of Emmy-winning America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and now Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street.

Mr. Kimball is old-school, and on this episode of YLM, Rachel digs into everything from table manners to his Rockwellian choice for last meal. Ever hear the expression “as American as apple pie?” Well, turns out that’s not entirely accurate.

We learn the history of apple pie, which apples make the best pie, and that there more passionate opinions about how to make this delicious treat than you knew existed – a la mode, anyone?

Thanks to author, illustrator, and adorable person Jesse Oleson Moore from; poet and pie expert (she was an Iowa State Fair Pie Contest judge!) Kate Lebo of Also, Rebecca Loions, International Marketing Director at The Washington State Apple Commission. Original music by Prom Queen.

Published: Tuesday November 15, 2016
Runtime: 00:32:26