Dan Harris: Butter & Truffle Fettuccini + Warm Sugar Cookies

Dan Harris is Type A, self-help skeptical and looks the part of a TV anchorman. But he recently quit his 20 year career at ABC News to fully embrace his side hustle: convincing Americans to meditate. Dan wrote a memoir, 10% Happier, about his unlikely journey to mindfulness, that has since expanded into a podcast and meditation app.

Dan loves sweets, specifically cookies, and even more specifically, warm cookies delivered by Insomnia Cookies. Host Rachel Belle speaks with Insomnia’s founder and CEO, who started the company nearly 20 years ago when he was a 20 year old living in a college dorm room.

And we’ll do some cookie detective work: what’s going on when a batch of cookies spread in the oven or come out dry and cakey? Cookbook author and host of Zoe Bakes, Zoë François, joins the show to troubleshoot the most common cookie baking mistakes and shares how she became a professional baker after growing up in communes and cults that forbade sugar.
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Published: Thursday May 05, 2022
Runtime: 00:40:14