Duff McKagan: Family Meal at Black Angus Steakhouse (circa 1984)

Guns N’ Roses bassist, Duff McKagan, is the dictionary definition of rock & roll: he’s got the skull tattoo, the tight black jeans & a dramatic, alcohol-related near death experience under his belt. But Duff is more than just a pretty bass. He’s a history buff who went back to school to get a degree in finance & he’s been living sober for 20 years. 

Duff’s last meal is a tribute to the family meal his Central American coworkers made for the staff when he worked at the Northridge, California Black Angus Steakhouse in 1984. 

So host Rachel Belle and producer Laura visit Canlis, Seattle’s James Beard Award winning fine dining mecca, where family meal is treated with as much reverence as the food presented to guests in the dining room each night. At 4pm sharp they sat down with co-owner Mark Canlis and a huge team of cooks, dishwashers, servers and bartenders to enjoy the restaurant industry’s most important meal of the day. 

Duff’s new album, Tenderness, is available now. 

Published: Thursday August 29, 2019
Runtime: 00:32:22