Gloria Gaynor, Chicken Wings

Forty years ago, disco queen Gloria Gaynor won a Grammy for I Will Survive, a universally relatable anthem that’s still blasted and belted out at pride parades and karaoke parties and inside showers and cars the world over. Now she’s back with a new album, Testimony, that’s been nominated for two Grammys. Gloria grew up surrounded by good music and good food and despite being poor, neighbors would crowd around her dining room table to enjoy the humble spread and fantastic company her mother provided.

Gloria wants chicken wings for her last meal, so we dig into the history of the Buffalo wing with Anchor Bar, an 85 year old institution in Buffalo, New York. Anchor Bar’s owner took a seemingly worthless chicken part and turned it into a finger lickin’ snack that Americans can’t get enough of, especially over Super Bowl Weekend.

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Published: Thursday January 23, 2020
Runtime: 00:21:38