Lyrics Born, Chicken Katsu and Kimchi

Japanese-born, Berkeley-raised rapper/producer Lyrics Born has been in the music business for 25 years, but just the rich, deep purr of his speaking voice will make you swoon. LB (as his friends call him) is a blend of Asian and Western influences, and so is his last meal!

Rachel also talks all things kimchi with four-time James Beard Award nominated Chef Rachel Yang. From the history of “bloody lettuce” to its ubiquity in Korea to tips on improving your store-bought kimchi, the two Rachels explore it all.

Oh, and in the process of researching the history of chicken katsu, Rachel falls in love with a tanktasu sauce website. For reals. It’s a little weird.

Get Lyrics Born’s latest album “Quite a Life” and go see him live – he’s on tour now. Info at

And if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, treat yourself to a delicious meal at any of Rachel Yang’s three Seattle restaurants – Revel, Trove, and Joule – or Revelry in Portland.

Published: Friday October 12, 2018
Runtime: 00:37:01