Mark Bittman, Whatever Looks Good At The Market

Mark Bittman is a veteran food writer and prolific cookbook author known for his unfussy recipes and “How To Cook Everything,” a 2,000-recipe tome that’s sold more than a million copies. So when it comes to his last meal, Mark stays on brand and keeps it simple. So simple, in fact, he won’t actually name a specific dish!

Mark is also a dad. So as a Father’s Day treat, host Rachel Belle invited Mark’s daughter, Kate Bittman, to join the conversation, to talk about what it was like growing up with a food obsessed dad. The verdict: it was embarrassing.

Former Bon Appetit magazine food director, and current cookbook author, Carla Lalli Music teaches us how to improvise a delicious meal, without a recipe, based on what looks fresh at the market.

And listeners share the delicious, disgusting and darling dishes their dads cooked when they were growing up!

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Published: Thursday June 17, 2021
Runtime: 00:35:04