Moby, A Single, Organic Orange

Musician and producer Moby is also a major philanthropist: he donates all the proceeds from his Los Angeles restaurant Little Pine to animal rights organizations, as well as all the money he makes from his albums and his latest memoir, “Then It Fell Apart.” He’s been a vegan for more than three decades and tells host Rachel Belle he can whip up healthy, filling, vegan meals for under a dollar. Which we imagine is a useful skill when you’re giving all your money away!

Moby’s last meal is…oh-so Moby. He celebrates the fruit that we ate by the slice after every childhood soccer practice, the fruit that shares its name with a color, the fruit that rhymes with approximately zero other words.

So we welcome Mike Osborn to the show, owner of Sosio’s Produce, located right smack dab in the middle of beautiful, historic Pike Place Market. Mike has been wheelin’ and dealin’ oranges for nearly 30 years. He’s got the sass of a sailor, the palate of a chef, and he wants to teach you how to pick out perfect, in-season produce so you don’t take one bite of a mealy apple and throw it away. 

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Published: Thursday June 06, 2019
Runtime: 00:26:53