Nancy Pearl, Mac & Cheese

Celebrity Librarian (yes – that’s a thing), and regular contributor to NPR’s Morning Edition Nancy Pearl is one of Rachel’s favorite people. And she isn’t your average librarian: She’s been made into an action figure, had a bluegrass band named after her, and her best-selling Book Lust series – a collection of thematic reading lists that cater to every mood, occasion, and personality – has helped millions of people discover their new favorite stories.

Nancy’s choice for last meal is as classic as a dusty old tome: good ol’ macaroni and cheese. But homemade? Or from the ubiquitous blue box? Which of the boxes is best? And where in the world did that powdered cheese stuff come from?! Rachel has answers to all of these questions and more on this latest YLM!

Published: Tuesday January 24, 2017
Runtime: 00:37:04