Rick Astley: Raw Prawns & Crisp White Wine

At 21 years old, a baby faced and baritone Brit named Rick Astley released his first single, and “Never Gonna Give You Up” was an instant #1 hit in 25 countries. In 2021, the song surpassed a billion streams thanks to Rickrolling, a viral Internet prank.

On this episode of “Your Last Meal,” we propose a theory: Rickrolling is the culinary equivalent of molecular gastronomy! You think you’re getting one thing and POOF! you get something completely different. Culinary technologist and modernist cooking enthusiast Scott Heimendinger joins the show to exhibit how he uses molecular gastronomy to create culinary humor.

Plus, Rick shares his favorite European road snacks (he loves to drive)!

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Published: Thursday August 25, 2022
Runtime: 00:33:28