Rick Steves, Chef’s Choice

Travel expert, TV & radio host, author, and activist Rick Steves has been taking people all around the planet for decades. And his passion for unique and authentic experiences, living in the moment, and trying new things matches perfectly with how Rick chose to have his last meal.

Rick has also been a longtime proponent of legalizing marijuana, so Rachel gets to the bottom of how cannabis confections are created with Jody Hill, founder of Seattle cupcake empire Cupcake Royal, as she shares how they do things at her edibles company The Goodship.

And finally, Rachel talks with her co-worker, KIRO Radio host John Curley, about his menuless 2017, and a few of John’s more… let’s call them “idiosyncratic” food habits.

Buy any of Rick Steves’ fantastic videos and books, including the brand new 3rd edition of “Travel as a Political Act,” at ricksteves.com.

Learn more about The Goodship Company at thegoodship.com.

Published: Thursday March 01, 2018
Runtime: 00:36:21