Zach Braff, Chicken Parmigiana

Actor, filmmaker and restaurant-owner Zach Braff (Scrubs, Alex Inc, Garden State) was born and raised in New Jersey – home to the highest percentage of Italian Americans in the country. And for his last meal, he’s sticking close to his roots! On this week’s YLM, Rachel digs into the cheesy, saucy and fascinating history of Italian food in America with Krishnendu Ray, Department Chair of the Food Studies Program at NYU. Then she talks with cookbook author and Long Island native Amy Pennington about how to make the perfect red-checkered-tablecloth-and-Chianti-bottle-candleholder chicken parm. Watch Zach in Alex Inc, now streaming at Check out Krishnendu Ray’s book “The Ethnic Restaurateur,” an academic look at the immigrant perspective of working in restaurants. Visit to get any of her books including her newest cookbook “Salad Days.”

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Published: Friday June 01, 2018
Runtime: 00:30:45