Close-up of father's hands holding handmade card and present from children on father's day

Results of what Father’s want for Father’s Day

I posted a Facebook updated recently asking dads to list up to 5 things store bought or not that they they would like to receive for Father’s Day.  Here are the responses from 21 dads.  You will see that they are all over the board!

Jason S:  Sushi.

Chris J:  Handwritten letters from the kids…hopefully 2 or 3 paragraphs or more.

Ronnie S: A call or a tag on IG or FB from my daughter and son wishing me happy Father’s Day.

Jose M:  A clean house.

Micah T:  Anything that either makes a lot of noise, requires charging, or does something wirelessly.

Matt D:  A kiss from my son and endless hugs.

Derek P:  My dad said a grandchild. Ha ha ha. I said my sister is working on it.

Rommel M: Pancakes and a big hug.

Kani K: A surprise visit.

Michael H: Peace and quiet.

Bryan M:  Game 7

Scootz R:  Just to be acknowledged for my selfless acts of kindness.

Derrick P:   Hella hugs from my family and friends….and an Aston Martin 😂


Hank M:  Single Malt Scotch

Ray R:  One of Da Poke Man’s Limited Edition Knives 🔪 😜

Chris D:  Sleep.

Gabe A:   New clubs.
2. To be left alone.
3. New clubs.
4. New clubs.
5. New clubs.

Sisto P:  A new bbq grill,  a ribeye steak, Maker’s 46,  Cuban cigar, World peace. …In any order. I’ll take anything but honestly I could get those myself at anytime except for the last one.

J-John A: Gorilla bbq

Jon C:  Poke bowl and boba.

So there you have it.  Some very random wishes from 21 dads!  Nice to see that the majority just want time and some simple hugs and kisses but it doesn’t hurt to spoil Dad with that Aston Martin or some new golf clubs either or that BBQ grill too!
Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads!!


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