Tricia Ferguson


Hey! I’m Tricia Ferguson, born and raised in the East Bay, and still live here with my husband and two boys. Our family loves animals, we have adopted two cats from the animal shelter and even fostered kittens. 

I enjoy spending time with family, making brick oven pizza, swimming during the summer, going on family adventures to the beach, picking up donuts and going to the park, and trying new restaurants (especially Taquerias, I love tacos!) 

Growing up, I was really into the Alternative and Pop-Punk scene from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, and my favorite band to see live was the former local ska band Dance Hall Crashers. Here’s a secret, I am the biggest NSYNC fan. I’m still waiting for their reunion tour! 

Let’s have some fun! Hang out with me on weekends, on 96.5 KOIT