Good things to remember in this time of COVID 19:

1. Everything will change.. every day

What we know now is if you are over 65 you are ordered by the governor to stay at home.  Yes it is getting worse, and because of that bars, night clubs and winery’s are closed down. They are also recommending no gatherings of more than 50 people. Movies, Bowling, Theaters, have also been closed.  That too WILL CHANGE.

More to come I am sure because change IS our new  normal.


2. Luckily We know the enemy

That is a huge leap from most plagues in our past..and make no mistake … this is a plague.  The good news is science is working on the answer.  We WILL have one …BUT… it will take time.

Our technology has turned us into an  “I want it all now world” Periodicity mother nature reminds us that she doesn’t work that way.

Every day you stay physically and mentally healthy is a day closer to getting thru this, and we will get thru this.  Remember

COVID-19 is not permanent.  Mentally prepare for this to go on a while.. but  it WON’T last forever

COVID-19 is RARE.. it does not happen all the time. In fact I can not remember the last time something of this scope happening ( it has happened but not in my lifetime )

It is not your fault, there is no one person, country, religion, ethnicity, political party to BLAME, that slogan in the 60’s was right .. sometimes it really is .. “Hey S*** Happens.”


3. Our Kids appear to be safe

Young adults and children ( for the most part ) seem to be able to cope with this virus.. The CDC says in Korea no one under 30 died from corona,  in japan no one under 50  in the US only 8% were in their 20’s so count our blessings.  This could change but for now .  take your good news where you can find it.

That being said, kids should stay away from older people , like their grandparents.  The kids might be able to cope with Covid19 but if they innocently give it to Grandma or Grandpa, that would not be good.

So let them Skype , let them call , take pics and videos maybe even show they what a letter is and help them write. there are options

Schools are out for spring break and will stay out until April 3rd.  There are ton of resources to keep them busy and to educate them. Maybe now would be a good time to start Reading to them or better yet, with them.. You get a book, they get a book and read.  Remember those books you got them for Christmas that they never read. Now is a great time.  Teach them math and science.. maybe Art and Music..this could change their lives.. in a positive way


 4. Find someone to help

If you are responsible for just you, you can give up, but if you have to be there to help someone (weaker physically or mentally than you) they need you and they need you to be strong and positive.

Did you buy 288 rolls or toilet paper, and 18 gallons of hand sanitizer.. you will never use it all, so find an older neighbor.. knock on their door ( staying at least 6 feet away ) and say. I brought this for you.

Get their phone number and call them every day to ask.. is there anything you need.   Remember your parents and grand parents might need this too.  When you are old and alone and locked in your house,  a phone call can go a long long way to making the day go faster. A regular call can give Hope to someone else . A reason to not give in to the darkness. We will get through this and you could be the reason that others make it aw well.  Not a bad way to spend a couple of weeks.


5. Stay plugged in, but don’t obsess. 

If you sit in the big chair and watch the 24 hour news shouting at you and blaming someone else , you will get depressed and fast.

Listen to the radio.. find a reliable source on the internet . not the ones that are politically driven.. the ones that can give you science and hope.. those are the two things that will get you thru this .. and maybe a little prayer.  ( hey what ever works )

Like I said before, the one thing that I can guarantee is that every single day everything will change. Don’t fear change, just understand the new reality and work within it.


6. Stay Positive.

Talk to positive people.. Negative doom Sayers will suck you into a deep dark vortex. They do it so they wont be alone at the bottom of the well.    When you find a hopeful person stick by them.

Optimism gives hope. Hope causes us to keep moving forward. Talk to positive people.. Negative doom Sayers will suck you into a deep dark vortex.  When you find a hopeful person stick by them.  ( but remember to stay 6 feet away )  If you dont know any Optimistic people, become one.



It is an acronym I created that tells you how to get through the tough parts  it stands for SupportProteinExercise and Water  Drink plenty of water, get a good night sleep, eat as healthy as possible, help others and Exercise.  Yes .. keeping your body moving will help you stay in a good mood and help you make it through this .  Hey you might even loose a little weight and end up healthier that before you started.    So as you go about your day SPEW.  Yeah it is a little twisted but it sure is memorable.


Sue Hall

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