What is that weird sound coming from the Golden Gate Bridge?

By Sue Hall on June 8, 2020
Clear blue California skies over this panoramic vista across San Francisco Bay, the iconic red towers of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point to the Marin Headlands beyond. ProPhoto RGB profile for maximum color fidelity and gamut.

If you are anywhere near the Golden Gate Bridge, you are probably wondering What is that sound? An elementary school musical instrument? A sick animal? NOPE.

The screechy sound you’re hearing from the Golden Gate Bridge is in fact the result of new side walk railing slats just installed, meant to better handle the wind. Funny thing about wind: when it passes through certain open spaces, it creates a hum. This is how all “wind” instruments work, and because it spans a very windy gap across the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge is now effectively a giant orange wheezing kazoo! Strike up the band!