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Want To Lose Weight? Eat Dessert.

Published by <p>That headline doesn’t make sense right? If I’m trying to lose weight wouldn’t eating dessert make everything worse? Or maybe […]</p>

Ice Cream That Helps You Sleep

Published by <p>Do you have trouble sleeping AND also love to eat ice cream before bed? You are in luck! There is […]</p>

Disney Now Selling Mashed Potato Fries

Published by <p>This is the treat for anyone who loves carbs! At Disney’s Magic Kingdom they are┬áselling mashed potato-topped French Fries. The […]</p>


Published by <p>Dynamo Donut & Coffee in San Francisco is celebrating their 10th anniversary! If you stop by from 7am to 5pm […]</p>

My Week Long Punishment

Published by <p>Kristen and I are married and have been doing a morning show together for over 5 years now. We have […]</p>