The Best Singing Pitbull is From Pleasanton!!

I really love dogs!!  I am particularly in love with a few breeds pitbulls being one of them!  I created a profile for my pitbull Jada on Instagram (@jadablue_thepitbull).  One day I came across another pitbull’s page and it caught my eye because she looked JUST like Jada, like they could be sisters, even their markings are very similar!  This superstar’s name is Lila Bean (@LilaBeene on IG) !!

Jada and Lila started following each other and just a few days ago Lila’s mom posted THE MOST AWESOME DOGGY SINGING in the world!  I posted it below for your listening AND viewing pleasure!!  I loved it so much I reached out to her to learn more about the amazing Lila Bean.  Here is what her such loving mom Marissa said about her and some great photos too!


Lila (aka Lila Bean) and I rescued each other. We both needed each other (okay…maybe I needed her more) at that moment in time. Not only has she taught me about adult things like responsibility and purpose, but since she has been in my life I’ve learned about how to enjoy life more. Doing things like exploring new places, being curious, and staying young and vibrant!



We are both true California girls, born in the BAY AREAAA!! We spent a few years living in Santa Barbara which was awesome, and we still travel frequently to LA, San Diego, and Santa Barbara to visit friends and family.


Things we like:

– Sunbathing

– Music/singing

– Hiking

– Yoga

– The beach

– Muscle cars

– Shopping at Murphy’s Paw (shout out @murphyspaw_07)

– “Squirrel hunting” – looking up in the trees for hours



Things we don’t like:

– Dog abuse/breeding

– Overcooked meat

– Animal testing


Things Marissa likes that Lila doesn’t:

– Vacuuming

– Taking so many dog pictures

– Taking a bath (she doesn’t hate baths…but she definitely looks sad when she’s in one)


We shop at Murphy’s Paw in Pleasanton (her favorite collar pictured), and we also shop on Insta @packleashes – unfortunately I don’t have pics of her wearing their stuff yet.

Her favorite toy is her baby cow, she has had that thing for many years. She loves all toys, but her absolute favorite thing to do is pop squeakers. Once she gets a new toy, she immediately finds the squeaker and goes at it until that squeaker don’t squeak no mo.

Aside from singing she knows all basic commands, and can even shake off on command. She is so gentle, takes treats so easily, and is so great with people and dogs. Most kids love her because she looks like a giant fuzzy stuffed animal, and I am so happy because typically bully dogs scare people/children which makes me sad. She’s also only about 45 pounds so that probably makes her less intimidating to some; for me – give me a 100lb. dog and I will cuddle it like a teddy.

Lila’s nickname “Lila Bean” came about because when she is laying there with her little feet tucked she looks like a little bean.



Thank you Marissa and Lila Bean!!  Jada and I are one of your biggest fans!  Continue to post your positive smile creating posts!!


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