5 AWESOME Ideas to Feel Good This Weekend

By Joey Fortman on April 3, 2020
Morning Host Joey Fortman took a ‘ride’ with Ronnie’s Awesome List on the Angel island Tiburon Ferry Company
KOIT Morning Host Joey Fortman took a ‘ride’ with Ronnie’s Awesome List on the Angel island Tiburon Ferry Company!
Hey 96.5 KOIT friends! When I loved to the Bay Area a couple years ago I got the opportunity to get to know Ronnie from Ronnie’s Awesome List. She is a true Bay Area celebrity because of all the parental sanity she has saved with her awesome list of things for families in the Bay Area to enjoy. I’ve asked Ronnie to send me a weekly list of ideas to really help families find great moments throughout their weekends and weekdays in these trying times. Meet Ronnie! ~ Joey Mornings 6a-9p

The Awesome Ronnie: 

It’s been a couple of weeks since most of the world has come to a standstill. And while our new reality seems to be a touch less daunting it has been a big adjustment for all of us. While we are sheltering-in-place I hope Ronnie’s Awesome List helps generate new energy and ideas to make the most of this unique time together. Follow me on social media as I am always posting up-to-date offerings from other sources and share resources with others. If you have ideas you want me to cover please contact me. I always love hearing from you. Stay healthy, support local businesses and non-profits and be extra patient with one another.

Here are 5 AWESOME ideas to get you through the weekend:

During these tough times when the world seems uncontrollable our Bay Area museums, businesses, libraries and more are making sure that families thrive online during these unprecedented times. Here is a growing list of all local establishments and resources are offering incredible programs that can help you and your family adjust to the changes and help families thrive.  We constantly update the Ronnie’s Awesome List Coronavirus Online Entertainment Guide.
CuriOdyssey’s Virtual First Friday Night! April 3, 5:30pm, meet Beetlelady entomologist Stephanie Dole, PhD, and tour her at-home insect collection. See a birdeater tarantula and Jerusalem cricket up-close. Look through a drawer full of bug molting artifacts and learn about how insects grow. Dance to songs by Joe Bug of the Bug Family Band in this virtual community event that will excite your mind and warm your heart.
Check out “Uncle Julie’s Kids’ Trivia Show” each night at 6pm EST (3pm PST) for ages 4-8 and 6:15pm EST (3:15pm PST) for ages 9+. http://www.unclejulie.tv
It might seem early to talk about Mother’s Day but given the situation we are in you may want to prepare in advance to make sure mom’s special day doesn’t fall to the wayside. Here are my personal favs,
Imagine having access to a world of unlimited free access 24/7 to ebooks audiobooks magazines movies classes and more. It exists and it’s available to everyone through your public libraries robust digital services. With your special library card superpowers you have free access to many additional resources to help you learn a new language research your ancestry storytime test prep and it’s all provided by your local library online.