50 Fun Things to do During a Pandemic

By Joey Fortman on April 9, 2020

Hey friends,

Now that I got your attention with Jelly Beans – let’s get ready for Easter weekend!

Really? You’re out of ideas ALREADY? lol Listen, I’m a mom. #WeGotThisBayArea!

  1. Complete a puzzle!
  2. Start a journal or blog.
  3. Dust off your old instruments and play on!
  4. Start a group text thread with friends. Toss in some great memories and relive the glory days.
  5. Take on a Rubik’s Cube. (Ahem. Don’t cheat and move the stickers around!)
  6. Write a poem. Perfect for Mother’s Day around the corner!
  7. Learn a language. Really. Brilliant!
  8. Even though it’s not the same – give yourself a spa treatment! Ya never know. You might love it more!
  9. Meditate. Ho-Hum the day away!
  10. Google puppies. Then look through EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE!
  11. Read a book that isn’t depressing. Go for the self help ones!
  12. Watch Tangled. If Rapunzel can spent days on end in a castle – so can you!
  13. Handwrite cards and letters to friends and family. We all love that!
  14. Learn calligraphy. (YouTube tutorials all the way!)
  15. Put on a soap opera in the living room. Really. Grab a bar of soap and sing opera music!
  16. Play a board game. (My favorite board games are by The Op Games! Blank Slate is the best!)
  17. Rearrange your cabinets. Nothing feels better than organization!
  18. Search babies. Shiny, happy babies. Then watch videos of them laughing! The BEST!
  19. Spark some joy in your bedroom. No silly, I mean your closet! Clean out your closet and if the item doesn’t spark joy toss it out! (Marie Kondo is brilliant at The Art of Tidying Up.)
  20. Bake cookies and make a little care pack for the seniors on your street. They’ll love you for thinking of them!
  21. Clean out your junk drawers. ONLY spark joy! lol
  22. Try an at home workout video.
  23. Have a video happy hour! No drinks even needed…. share ridiculous jokes you found with friends!
  24. Draw a self portrait. (Be kind to you, remember?!)
  25. Sit down with an adult coloring book. (I’m terrible. I have a Swear Word Coloring Book! lol)
  26. Go GLAMPING in the living room! Build some tents and have some fun.
  27. Knit or crochet something for charity needs.
  28. Take a bubble bath.
  29. Write a story. Better yet? Write your LIFE story and what you dream of post pandemic.
  30. Fix things. That broken door knob? Fix it!
  31. Learn how to braid. Therapeutic!
  32. Take a bubble bath!
  33. Reflect on the last time you were the happiest in your life. Write it down! What were the variables that makes you feel that way?
  34. Roll around on a foam roller.
  35. Take an online dance class. (Walker Fisher is my hero! I take his classes at Uforia on California and can’t wait for him to return!
  36. Start a Gratefulness List. Have your housemates contribute to the list too!
  37. Toss out old products that never were used. Seriously? That mascara from 1987? Toss it out!
  38. Make coffee. Sniff your cup. Do it! Research shows that coffee sniffing helps put more pep in your step.
  39. Make your bed EVERY DAY. I’m telling you – it works! You won’t want to go lay back in it if it’s all prettied up!
  40. Make a Thank you bucket for the service folks still dropping and picking up things in front of your door. Put snacks, water and anything else that might make their day inside.
  41. Interview Grandparents. How fun, right? Call them up and ask questions about what their life struggles have been. You’ll be surprised – a pandemic is nothing new…
  42. Make a photo book from your phone!
  43. Get lost on TikTok! (I’m over there – get lost with me! Most fun ever!)
  44. Watch the Harry Potter Movies and have your kids do a movie report after each movie.
  45. Host an indoor scavenger hunt
  46. Rearrange your sock drawer. Really!
  47. Do your taxes. Ugh. Not sure how much joy that can bring unless you end up getting money back!
  48. Rearrange your furniture!
  49. Teach your dog a new trick!
  50. Sleep. Get lots of it!

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you’re doing at home!