Little Chihuahua sitting on the couch in the room

A Puppy That Can’t Walk Befriended a Pigeon That Can’t Fly

If this does not do it for you, examine your soul.

There is a photo going viral this week from The Mia Foundation, which is a nonprofit animal shelter in Hilton, New York that helps animals with special needs.

Two of their animals are a tiny eight-week-old Chihuahua named Lundy who cannot walk . . . and a pigeon named Herman who can’t fly.

Last Thursday, the staff put them together, and Lundy and Herman bonded . . . and started playing together and even hugging.  And the photos of them together went viral almost immediately.

The photos have been viewed more than six million times and brought in $6,000 in donations in just the first two days. 




After the photos went viral, a company in New Hampshire called Walkin’ Pets heard about it.  And they just donated a custom WHEELCHAIR.

Earlier this week, they delivered it to the rehab center in Rochester, New York that’s been taking care of Lundy.

The founder of Walkin’ Pets says they’ve gotten pretty good at doing custom chairs for animals with special needs.  They’ve even done them for ducks, rabbits, and chickens.

They say he might need a few more weeks to grow into it.  But then he’ll be able to run around and be mobile for the first time in his life.  



Hope Bidegainberry

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