Top Google Searches for Feel Good Giving During Covid 19

By Joey Fortman on April 5, 2020
Senior woman and home caregiver

Hey friends!

Are you feeling the heavy in your heart today? I am. In fact, I believe if we aren’t feeling the heavy then we really aren’t dealing with our feelings in the first place, right?

This is a heavy and hard time for every human being on the planet. However, I truly believe the planet is mending in ways that the world could have never seen before this pandemic. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an eternal optimist. I try to stay positive but unless I admit and own the fact that this thing is so much bigger than me and my family then I may never be able to understand and deal with the hand that my world has been dealt.

I know I’m not alone. Why? Cause Google told me so!

According to Google Trends, searches are high in ways to show gratitude toward all those working hard during the pandemic. Move over Google, I’ve got your answers too.

How to Help the Community:

  • Help the Army Corp of Engineers
  • Where you in the U.S. Army?    They are actively looking for:
    • Critical care officers, 60F
    • Anesthesiologist, 60N
    • Nurse anesthetist, 66F
    • Critical care nurse, 66S
    • Nurse practitioner, 66P
    • Emergency room nurse, 66T
    • Respiratory specialist, 68V
    • Medic, 68W

How to Thank Bus Drivers, Nursers, Healthcare Providers and Workers:

  • Put out a bucket of goods for delivery drivers (Container with water, snacks and a thank you note!)
  • Give them gift cards to local restaurants (And you help the local restaurants!)
  • Donate blood. (Healthcare workers need it too!)
  • Donate to charities that support hospitals (Center for Disaster Philanthropy)
  • Listen to what they tell us to do – STAY HOME!
  • Don’t buy unnecessary supplies.

How to Volunteer:

How to Help Local Restaurants:

How to Help the Elderly:

Food Donations:

Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment and we’ll add your good words too!


Stay safe and healthy. Find something that makes you FEEL GOOD this weekend!

~ Joey