Joey Fortman’s Psychedelic Summer Poofy Parfait

By Joey Fortman on June 16, 2020

Psychedelic Summer Poofy Parfait

Every summer there comes at least one time or another when I get to make my favorite tasty dessert.  It has to really fit the occasion-cause it’s not really a dessert that tastes as good as a leftover, ya know? Once you pull a big spoonful it all starts to fall in the middle. I swear it tastes awesome forever! It just starts to look funky mixed together.

Poofy Parfait? Naw. I’m still trying to figure out what to call it.

Whatevs. My kids call it “can you make that party poof, mom?”  It’s seriously just scooping stuff in and spreading it around. All the love! 💕

It’s sooo pretty. Yet when you dig into it-it definitely isn’t the prettiest dessert on the block! ha

And since I’m the FARTHEST from being a Pastry Chef – I’m game for the easy stuff.

Here’s the recipe for my simple summer party parfait. Party parfait poof? Sure.


— FRUIT GALORE!!  ie, mangos, strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, bananas, apples….etc. etc.  It really depends on what your fave fruits are. Our fave is mangos, strawberries, kiwi and rasberries on top.

*In this one:  Mangos, Strawberries, Rasberries, Blueberries

— 2 boxes Pistachio Pudding (I used sugar free)

— 2 tubs Cool Whip (I use sugar free)

— Angelfood Cake (I used one this time-sometimes use two though)

— Strawberry Glaze You know. The kind that grandma use to sneak. Mmmm.


— Get a clear round dish (however deep you need for the layers)

— Start at the bottom, LAYER angel food cake, then glaze, then fruit (I used Mangos), then cool whip, then strawberries, then pistachio pudding, then cool whip, rasberries & blueberries on top.  (sometimes I’ll also use kiwi on top…LOVE making it colorful.)

Refrigerate till serving time…..

WAA-LAA!!!  Seriously THAT easy.  Grab a bowl and hide and enjoy later for yourself. I do!

What is your fave summer recipe?