What to do in your Spring Cleaning Schedule

By Joey Fortman on May 5, 2020

I would go on a limb and guess that you are way ahead of the game and already attacked your spring cleaning. However, I’m a lifelong procrastinator. (I tell my family prognosticator. HA! I can see the future way better than doing it.)  I’m about to tell you something that will make you judge me and I’m totally ok with that. Ready? I choose my incredibly talented cleaning woman over my kids… most days. I know! I’m a terrible mom! lol However, let me explain. Folding a fitted sheet? Nope. I can barely even do it. Laundry? Terrible time suck. (We are working on that while sheltered in place…)  She makes perfect beds and a fancy display with my toilet paper! Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on vacation after someone comes and cleans your toilets?

If you have time and the need – here is a list she shared with me to get ahead of the cleaning game to be your household prognosticator.

  • Take everything out.
  • Clean and disinfect shelves and drawers and wipe them dry.
  • Organize the food when you put it back. Check dates. When in doubt – toss it out!
  • Closet? Cabinet? All of the above? Clean out the space.
  • Remove items, toss out old food, dust, wipe down and ORGANIZE!
  • Who cleans under their furniture? Not me! However, no better time than spring cleaning!
  • Move the furniture around and get those cobwebs out!
  • Think about it. Them shoes are nasty! If you’re cleaning the floors to shine – clean those shoes or just leave them outside.
  • Seriously satisfying to do. Something weird about clean floors and tiles! Mix equal vinegar and water. Spray grout. Scrub it and rinse with water. Use an old toothbrush!
  • First off, unplug them.
  • Wipe them down with a wet paper towel.
  • If there is stuck on grease – grab a wet soapy sponge and go to town.
  • Obviously, wipe them down to be totally dry before plugging back in.

Now get to work! (As I sit back and watch Hulu.)