10 Things They Don’t Tell You When Taking a Disney Cruise

By Hope Bidegainberry on October 11, 2019

Cruises are a great experience, but if you’ve never been on a cruise there are a lot of things to think abut before hand.

  • Room service is FREE on the Disney Cruise.
  • Ice cream is also FREE.
  • Plan on being lost at sea-once you are out on the water, you are completely disconnected. No phones, no wifi. All cruise ships offer both, but the fees are a true reminder that you are on vacation!
  • Special spa secret deals. On the daily newsletters, there was a special spa deal in the bottom corner.
  • Make sure you bring a highlighter. When you arrive you get this encyclopedia of awesome things to do. There’s so much, you won’t know which to pick.
  • Pack a day of play bag. Most times there is a 3pm check-in time on the cruise with no access to your luggage. Pack a bag-put your bathing suits in, snacks for the kids, sunscreen, sunglasses, books, and camera.
  • Don’t forget to tip. Often times your trip tips are included, but make sure because the staff is amazing! 
  • Do not miss the boat. 
  • Check out the kids club to get some adult time. 

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